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Damaging Gossip: What’s The Antidote?

Has someone been spreading harmful stories about you?

Have you accidentally said something that has fed the rumour mill?

Have you listened to either of the above?

If you’re the target of Malicious or Careless Gossip it’s really stressful. Among other things, it can damage your career and your self-esteem.

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Articles, Working With Women, Featured Articles, Leading Women

The Sisterhood Rules Revealed

If you’ve been following Amelia’s story you’ll know she’s having trouble with her BFF at work. Amelia’s worried that she must’ve done something wrong to cause the rift, but her friend, Christina, isn’t saying what the issue is.

This is tricky territory for Amelia or any woman. She could find herself ‘out’ of her immediate female network, vulnerable to sabotage, or perhaps worst of all, have damaging ‘secrets’ revealed. It’s stressful stuff and potentially career limiting.

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