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Why I Write Bitch in the CityFeatured

Hi, my name’s Jacqui Alder, and I’m the creator of Bitch In The City.

At the time of writing this post, the blog has been going for 18 months, so I thought it was about time we had a chat and I introduce myself properly. I also wanted to share with you the story behind why I write Bitch In The City, and show you how to use the site, as I’ve made some changes.

If you’ve read the About Jacqui page, you already know some ‘official’ things about me. What else would you like to know?

I currently live in Perth, Western Australia, which is known for hot sunny weather. Not today though; the rain is playing drums on the roof of my house, and the sun is cloaked in a wintry grey woollen blanket. In Perth, we have great beaches so, when the weather permits, I spend as much time as I can in the water or with sand between my toes.

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