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What do I do? She’s Jealous Of My Success

Is your friend jealous of your success?

If you’re not sure, check out this article: She’s My Friend But I Think She’s Jealous Of My Success. You’ll find some tips in it that’ll help you.

If she’s jealous, and you haven’t been able to resolve it with her, then you’re probably feeling hurt and stressed. That’s okay; it’s natural to feel that way. How deeply the situation is affecting you depends on the nature of your friendship: the closer and deeper the friendship is, the worse it feels.

If you work with her there’s an extra layer of stress because if things get out of hand it can damage your career and hers, too.

But what can you do?

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Jacqui's Juice

Why I Write Bitch in the CityFeatured

Hi, my name’s Jacqui Alder, and I’m the creator of Bitch In The City.

At the time of writing this post, the blog has been going for 18 months, so I thought it was about time we had a chat and I introduce myself properly. I also wanted to share with you the story behind why I write Bitch In The City, and show you how to use the site, as I’ve made some changes.

If you’ve read the About Jacqui page, you already know some ‘official’ things about me. What else would you like to know?

I currently live in Perth, Western Australia, which is known for hot sunny weather. Not today though; the rain is playing drums on the roof of my house, and the sun is cloaked in a wintry grey woollen blanket. In Perth, we have great beaches so, when the weather permits, I spend as much time as I can in the water or with sand between my toes.

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She’s My Friend But I Think She’s Jealous of My Success

You thought she was your friend. You didn’t have to explain yourself to her because she ‘got’ you. You were ‘there’ for her when she needed you, and she’s been ‘there’ for you: you shared your troubles and cheered each other on.

Now, however, after you’ve finally had the breakthrough you’ve been working towards, your friendship seems to have changed. You thought she’d be happy for you, but you sense she isn’t. While it’s hard to explain how you know this, you’ve begun to notice changes in her – the little things she does or doesn’t do.

What happened? Why has she backed away?

Surely she can’t be jealous … can she?

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Self-Confidence: Does Yours Go Missing In Action?

Have you had an experience where your self-confidence suddenly deserted you?

What happened? How did you feel afterwards?

In response to a prior blog post, I’ve had several requests to write a more general article about self-confidence, so here it is. It’s for anyone who’s experienced a sudden loss of confidence, regardless of the cause.

I hope it helps you. If you know someone else it would help, please share it with them.

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Are Her Acid Drops Eating Your Confidence?

Do you walk away from seemingly innocent encounters with a female colleague feeling unexpectedly deflated?

Has your level of self-doubt increased since experiencing this?

Then you could be experiencing ‘Acid Drops‘.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, an Acid Drop is a boiled sweet that originated in the UK, and has a very sour aftertaste. Bitch In The City Acid Drops are the verbal equivalent of the same thing. Whilst similar to other BITC behaviours, such as the Hug Slap and the Cold Shoulder, the hallmark of the Acid Drop is subtlety. You may not realise what happened at the time, or even afterwards.

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Is She Giving You The Hug Slap?

Are you feeling confused about where you stand with a female colleague?

Then you could be experiencing ‘The Hug Slap’.

‘The Hug Slap’ is all about inconsistency: sometimes you’re ‘in’ (Hug) and sometimes you’re ‘out’ (Slap) but you’ve no clue why or when it may change. This behaviour is a close cousin of ‘The Cold Shoulder’  discussed in one of my earlier posts. The difference is that ‘The Cold Shoulder’ is consistent: it’s a Slap, so you know you’re ‘out’ and BITC intends to keep you there.

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Damaging Gossip: What’s The Antidote?

Has someone been spreading harmful stories about you?

Have you accidentally said something that has fed the rumour mill?

Have you listened to either of the above?

If you’re the target of Malicious or Careless Gossip it’s really stressful. Among other things, it can damage your career and your self-esteem.

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Gossip: Have You Crossed The Line?

Have you ever participated in gossip?

How did you feel when you thought about the answer to that question? Guilty? Ashamed?

When we think of gossip it’s usually the malicious type that comes to mind, but gossip isn’t always malicious, it can also be a force for good. According to a number of studies, gossip can have positive effects.  On the flip side, gossip can be damaging, both to the subject of the gossip and the gossiper.

What’s the difference? How do you know if you’re crossing the line?

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