Last Time …

Christina and me went to Choochoo’s after work to celebrate getting the job done for Zoe. It was a big night, just like old times. Good old Richard picked us up afterwards, even though it was a Monday night.

Christina didn’t say what the issue was, but it was so nice to get things back to normal that I didn’t bother asking. I suppose all friendships have glitches from time to time. I’m relieved that we’re over it, and that it’s all water under the bridge now.

Though I do still wonder what Christina’s issue was.

Melia and me have become real close, and I thought that I could trust her, but then she goes and takes all the credit when Declan passes out compliments. I couldn’t believe her nerve when she ran back to tell me all about it.

I was so mad with her, and she just didn’t get why, which made me even madder. I’ve bent over backwards to help her settle in at Global. It’s the first time that I’ve let my guard down since that bitch at my last job took all the credit for my work, and then snatched the promotion that should’ve been mine!

At least I made sure that Zoe knows how much I contribute to the team, and hopefully Monday was a lesson to Amelia not to mess with me. Things are back to normal now, except my guard’s up, and I’ll make sure to look out for number one in the future. Monday night at Choochoo’s was good fun; she’s a real joker when she lets her hair down. Richard’s the cutest taxi driver. I wish I had a guy like that.

TGIF, I’m definitely sleeping in tomorrow! The weekend’s shutterstock_287928404supposed to be rainy, so it’ll be Netflix and pizza for me. This week’s been pretty full on, and on top of that, I think something big’s going down. Declan’s been meeting with all the ‘Heads Of’, and Zoe’s been asking for reports left, right and centre.

Me and Melia have been like ducks – paddling fast with our heads down and our bums up. Zoe’s plucked a few of our feathers out along the way. God, she’s been in a filthy mood. At least she’s put on morning tea for the team, so hopefully it means that she knows she’s been riding us hard this week.

‘Hey Melia, cake and coffee’s up. You coming?’

‘I think I’ll give it a miss. I’ve got to fix this bloody graph. The data’s corrupted!’

‘Okay, I’ll bring you back a piece. Chocolate, I take it?’

‘Great, ta. You know me and chocolate have a close relationship!’

Whoa, everyone from the floor is here … and it looks like Zoe’s gonna make a speech. Maybe I should get Amelia?

‘Oh, hi Chantal.’

‘Hi Christina. Is everything okay with you?’

shutterstock_141838129‘Yeah, thanks. It’s been a torrid week.’

‘I bet it’s been, having to work so closely with that treacherous witch.’


‘Amelia. Frankly, the rest of us weren’t surprised last Friday night when you told us what she did. Don’t you worry – we’re all on your side.’

‘Uh huh, thanks, but …’

‘We’ll chat some more later. Looks like Zoe’s about to make an announcement …’

 Looks like Christina’s got herself in a bind. What did she say about Amelia? How do you think she should handle this?

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