Last Time …

It was Friday night and Amelia was working late checking her board presentation. She forgot the time and left Richard waiting at their favourite Italian restaurant, La Dolce Vita. When Amelia finally arrived she found an angry Richard walking out.

In the meantime, the bubbly was flowing as Christina, Chantal, Keesha and the rest of the team were partying at Choo Choo’s. They toasted Amelia for working late while they were having fun.

During a tense ride home Amelia tried to explain to Richard why she had been so late. His anger subsided when she told him she had found a serious error in her presentation, and suspected that it was deliberate. Was someone in Amelia’s team a saboteur?

Back at Choo Choo’s Chantal’s conscience was bothering her. Christina had let slip that she had left a ‘surprise’ for Amelia in her board presentation. Despite her reservations, Chantal went with the group when they headed off to La Di Da night club.

It’s now Monday morning, the day of the board meeting.


‘I can’t believe you did that, Christina. I thought that the floor manager at La Di Da was going to call the paramedics!’ laughed Keesha.


‘Yeah! How sweet was he? Poor thing … he thought I was having a fit or something,’ Christina said with a grin. ‘I thought it was a pretty cool dance move. I call it the Amelia!’

Chantal laughed along with the others, but her heart wasn’t in it. ‘Gotta play it safe … I can feel Christina watching me …’ she thought.

‘Hey Chantal, you okay?’ It was Christina.

‘Yeah Tina!’

‘Boss lady looked pretty happy this morning as she headed off to the board meeting. Just like a lamb to the slaughter.’ Christina scanned Chantal’s face intently. ‘Don’t worry about it. It’ll be fine.’

‘Yeah of course!’

‘Mmm. I’m glad that you’re in this with me.’ Christina gave a tight smile.

Chantal felt herself shiver. ‘Oops is that the time? Better get focused.’


shutterstock_44085622Sunlight strobed across Richard’s face as he gazed out the window of the ‘Madigan MacDougall and Gould’ boardroom. From here he could see the Global Industries tower dominating the skyline.

‘This doesn’t feel good.’ Richard let out a deep sigh.

‘The man himself, Brady Madigan, requested a confidential meeting with me. When I asked him why, Russell just shook his head. I hope Amelia’s day is goin’ better than mine. Glad I don’t have to deal with that women’s stuff – bloody confusing. They’re their own worst enemies!’


‘Psst, Chantal! Here she comes.’ whispered Christina.

‘How’s she looking?’ asked Chantal, her head down trying to look busy.

‘Hi team!’ A chirpy Amelia waved as she walked into her office and closed the door.

The entire team exchanged glances.

‘Well, thanks for the feedback boss!’ sniped Keesha. A murmur of agreement rose from her colleagues.

Amelia slumped heavily into her chair and swivelled it around to face the window.

‘Phew! I’m glad that’s over.’ she thought. ‘The board presentation was a breeze compared to walking past that lot! They remind me of meerkats at the zoo. As if I wouldn’t notice when their heads popped up from their computers. Bloody hell!’

‘Whoever it was will be wondering if their little scheme worked … well it didn’t! Not that I’m gonna rush to let them know how impressed the board was. I gave the team due credit … nearly choked on my words. I should be out there congratulating them and celebrating, not wondering which of the bitches set me up. Shit! Shit! Shit!’

Amelia turned her chair decisively, picked up the phone and dialled. ‘Hi Zoe … thanks, I appreciate it … it was a team effort. I’m sorry, I know it’s short notice but I need to have a serious talk. Yes, there’s a bit of a problem; it’s best explained in person. Thanks, I’ll be right up.’

Stunned faces looked up at Amelia. ‘Sorry I didn’t mean to surprise you.’ Amelia knew she shutterstock_122418400was lying, she had deliberately left her office very quietly.

‘You know us boss, always going hard at it.’ Christina answered.

‘Yeah, well, I hope that you can all drag yourselves away for an hour at 3pm. It’s time for a team chat. Anyone who can’t make it? Good. See you all then.’

Amelia could feel the mood in the team as she walked away towards the lift. ‘Won’t do them any harm to keep wondering for a bit. I’ve got my suspicions about who the culprit is. It’s time to flush them out.’

What would you do if you were Amelia? What advice do you have for her?

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