Last Time …

Things between Christina and me went from bad to worse.

I don’t know what I did but she was really at me and did it in front of the others. Then when Zoe called our Monday meeting forward by a couple of hours Christina didn’t tell me. I felt set-up. I had to rush in at the last minute with no preparation.

Christina tried to be the hero and said she had it all covered. Well it turned out that she didn’t. Zoe was not impressed – I’ve never seen her be so curt and bossy before. Something big is going down – Declan has called a meeting of all department heads. We had an hour to get Zoe what she wanted.

It was a two person job so we just had to get on with it and work together. It was like old times and we smashed it. Zoe was really happy and we decided that it called for a celebration at Choochoos.

It’s been a huge day, I’m so glad that Richard has agreed to be our taxi driver again.

Here I am at 9pm on a Monday night, parked in the usual spot and waiting for Amelia and Christina to leave Choochoos. Normally I’m doing this on a Friday night, so I hope Amelia’s remembers that we’ve both got work tomorrow. When she called to let me know how her day was panning out, I thought I’d take care of dinner, even though my day wasn’t great either. Now dinner’s all dried out and I’m playing taxi driver!

shutterstock_108811079Christ, what a week! I’ve never seen Amelia happier since landing this job. She’s talked about her team like they’re long-lost family – especially Christina – and after being the best of pals with her, suddenly everything turns to shit. Don’t ask me why. It’s not real clear. I can’t work women out, and I haven’t met a man who can. At least they’ve got the sense to sit down and talk it out over a drink … or several, going by the time.

All this undercurrent crap that they go on with. Why can’t they sort their differences out there and then like men do? A spade’s a spade. “Listen buddy, this is my problem with you, so sort your shit out and come back when your head’s clear because your undermining the team and I won’t stand for it.” Here are the facts, and here’s the solution.

Geez, here they come now, arm in arm, stumbling down the street. I’ll be surprised if they recognise the car. Whoops! There goes one of Christina’s shoes … and there they both go, flat on the pavement, trying to put it back on. At least they’re laughing, so that’s a good sign.

‘Okay ladies, jump in the back so you can take care of each other on the way home.’shutterstock_62869537

‘Oh Dicky-boy, you’re such-a-sssspunk! Melia’s a lucky girl, aren’t ya, darl’n? A husband that cooks and waits for us until we finish our drinkies. Giveusakiss …’

‘Don’t mention it. Let me get the door for you. Oops, are you alright? Okay, are we set to go? Hang on, put your belt on, Christina … no, not that one, that’s the middle one …’

‘I’ve got it for you, Chrissy! Oops, missed it … there you go … he he he … sit up sweetie … ha!’

‘Oh, you called-me-Chrissy! I like Chrissy. My mum used to call me Chrissy Chris Chris – ha ha ha! I like Chrissy better than Tina. That makes me think of Tina … Tina … who’s that American singer … you know … she did that song years ago … wasn’t it for Mad Max … didn’t she ride a donkey-or-horse-or-someth’n in that? Ha ha ha, now there’s a woman who’s good for her age!’

‘Probably not now, but. Ha ha ha!! Whoo, ‘round the corner we go. Weeee!’

‘So, you girls have sorted things out?’

‘Oh yeah, Bicky-doy – oops! I mean, Dicky-boy – ha ha ha, we’re all sorted, aren’t we, Meleee?’

‘Aaah, ‘cause we’re sorted, Chrissy. I can’t even remember what the problem was! We girls are good at this sort of stuff …’

Look at them all pally now. I wonder if it’s really all over … or is it just the alcohol? I’ve been married long enough to know better … I’ll wait and see how things turn out.

Confused? One minute they’re friends, then they’re fighting and now they’re friends again.  What would the men you know think about this?

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