Last Time …

The tone of Christina’s voice was hateful. I thought I was going to vomit right there and then! I’ve never heard her talk about anyone like that – not even when she’d told me about the bitch that she’d worked with in her last job. Why would she do this to me? What’s going on?

Now, I’m sitting in the café staring at my coffee cup, trying to get myself together. I don’t know what to do. I don’t even want to go back up there.

I can’t stay here staring at my takeaway coffee for much longer. I’ve got to go back, but what am I going to do when I get there? Christina, of all people. I just don’t get it. Why have things between us turned so bad so quickly?

Okay, the lift’s almost at our floor. Focus, Amelia. Focus! Get out and walk straight back to your desk. Don’t cry Amelia, for God’s sake. Just hold yourself together.

OMG! Here comes Declan! Turn off those tear ducts. What did mum say to do … look up, that’s it. Shit – he’s making eye contact. Smile with your whole face and just hold yourself together, girl!

‘Hello Amelia. Taking a well-earned break?’

‘Oh, hi Declan. Yeah, I needed my caffeine hit. It’s the first one today.’ I got that out okay and I don’t think he noticed anything.

‘First? I’ve had two already. It helps me focus. I read somewhere that university researchers have proven that caffeine actually helps people focus better.’

‘Wow, how interesting. I didn’t know that.’ I feel better already.

‘Well, I don’t feel guilty about my coffee habit since reading that and it’s why I don’t mind seeing people walking around here with a coffee! Anyway, keep up the good work, Amelia.’

‘I will, thanks Declan.’ Phew that wasn’t so bad. Now it’s time to get back in there … Shit! Here comes Christina looking like she wants to strangle someone.

‘What do you think you’re doing, Amelia? Where have you been?’

Christ, she’s really angry. I’ve never seen her like this before. How dare she speak to me like this in the front of everyone? ‘Hi Tina, I was just out getting …’

‘It doesn’t matter. We’ve got our meeting with Zoe right now.’

That can’t be right. ‘I thought it wasn’t until 2:30?’ Jesus, now the hands are on her hips.

‘Well, if you hadn’t been off chatting up Declan, you’d realise that she bought it forward!’

Chatting up Declan? You’ve got to be kidding me, you jealous bitch. ‘But we’re not ready; we haven’t had our Monday catch-up.’

‘You mightn’t be ready, but I am. Come on, don’t make me late!’

Oh, this is just great. So now I’m a child, huh? Look at her: she’s already stormed off down the corridor. ‘What’s with the attitude, Tina?’

She stopped and spun around. ‘Attitude?’ Hmph! I’m not having you make me look bad again.’shutterstock_302470796_rendered

‘Huh!? Again?’

‘My name’s Christina, by the way. Come on.’

Shit! Is this how it is now? What’s that noise? Oh, my damn stomach.

‘Come on! Hurry up!’

‘I’ll just pop to my desk to pick up …’

‘There’s no time! I’ve got it all covered.’

‘I can’t go empty handed.’ Shit, shit, shit! Zoe’s going to think I’ve slacked-off! I haven’t even got a pen with me. Geez, she’s even got to Zoe’s office door first. Oh yeah, now she’s all sweetness and light.

‘Come on in – and thanks for coming earlier. Declan’s asked all Heads of Department to present updates to the executive team this afternoon.’

Damn! I’m sure we’re not ready for this. But Christina’s got it covered, so it’s over to her.

‘I have a copy of our weekly report for you, Zoe. Would you like me to run through it?’

Huh? What a crawler.

‘No, just tell me the bottom line on our performance across market segments by demographics.’

‘Oh, we don’t usually do those numbers until the end of the month.’

‘We?’ You bitch! Ooops I better be careful what I’m thinking; I almost said that out loud.

‘I thought I made it clear when I rescheduled that I wanted to focus on those numbers?’

Should I say that Christina didn’t tell me about the reschedule? No, this isn’t the time. I’ll leave the hot-shot to get out of this one by herself.

‘Oh, er, well, we’ll have to work those up for you.’

Zoe looked like she was about to explode. ‘Okay then, you’d better get to it – drop them off with Ellen as soon as their done. You’ve got an hour.’

‘Okay, we’ll do it as quickly as we can.’

‘And shut the door on your way out.’

Layer 7So much for little miss perfect having this one ‘covered’.

Christina closed Zoe’s door behind us and got right into my face. ‘If you’d been up here instead of socialising, we would’ve been properly prepped.’

‘Hey’, I said loudly. That stopped her in her tracks. ‘I thought you said that you had it all covered. Don’t try to dump this on me. You could’ve called me when Zoe rescheduled, just like you’ve done before.’

‘This isn’t helping,’ she snarled, as she stormed back to our area. ‘We’ve only got an hour and it’s a two person job, so let’s just focus on how we’re gonna get this done.’

Oh yeah, she just had to say that louder so that everybody else could hear. Now they’re looking at me as if I’m the troublemaker! Bite your tongue Amelia …


It looks like Amelia needs a helping hand here. How would you handle this if you were in Amelia’s shoes?

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