Last Time …

Thank God things with Christina are back to normal. Though I’m not sure about the rest of the team, Chantal’s been acting strange towards me lately.

Right now that’s the least of my worries. Work’s been full on busy, and Zoe’s been riding us pretty hard. Declan’s been having lots of meetings with all the ‘Heads Of’. Now Zoe’s called a morning tea meeting – but I can’t go.

Can’t wait to hear the news from Chrissy when she gets back. The uncertainty’s getting to me because Richard and me need both our salaries to make the mortgage payments. I hope its good news.

shutterstock_175797839‘Hi Melia, you really should’ve come to morning tea. There’s big news! Zoe announced that there’s a strategic review going on.’

‘Shit! So what now?

‘Well, she said that they’re in the final stages and they’ll tell us as soon as the board signs off on it.’

‘I hope its good news. Our mortgage is huge, and I really need my salary.’

‘Me too. At least you’ve got Richard’s salary. It’s just me paying my mortgage.’

‘Yeah, I hope they tell us soon.’

‘Oooh, look at that … Declan just walked into Zoe’s office and shut the door.’

‘Wish that I was a fly on the wall …’


‘How did the team take the news?’

‘Pretty good; there weren’t many surprised faces.’

‘The other Heads have had similar feedback from their staff. You were on the mark when you said the staff had noticed something was going on. Good call, Zoe.’

‘Thanks Declan. Just doing my job, boss.’

‘Well, you’re doing it very well, which is why we’ve decided to move you out of this role. How would you like to be the new Divisional VP?’


‘Don’t look so worried! I thought you’d be happy.’

‘Sorry, I’m very flattered. It’s just a bit of a shock. Honestly, I’m not sure that I’m ready for such a big step. I haven’t had much experience in operations …’

‘I’ll stop you there, Zoe. The executive team and the board think that you’re ready, so let’s talk more tomorrow. I’ll get Cathy to tee up an hour together in the morning. In the meantime, I want you to think about your replacement. I think that Christina and Amelia are stand-outs, but it’s your choice.’

‘Thanks Declan.’

I know I should be excited, but I’ve just got settled into this job and I love the team. I want to be sure that whoever takes over will manage them well. Declan’s right, Christina and Amelia have been outstanding. Until recently, they’ve both been good individual performers and team players, but I wasn’t impressed with the way Christina complained about Amelia. They were so tight, and then out of the blue, so much venom! Then again, Chantal has come to me recently with the same complaints about Amelia.

Maybe there’s something I’ve been missing here, or maybe it’s another one of those ways women tear each other down. God knows, I’ve had enough of it myself! I’m going to have to be careful here. Maybe I should look around for options outside the team. Maybe a man would be better? Shame on you, Zoe! If Declan had thought like that, you wouldn’t be where you are today.

Should Zoe take the complaints about Amelia into account when making the decision to appoint her successor? Imagine that she was your manager. How would you like her to handle the situation?

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